Friday, May 4, 2012

Food Glorious Food

If you are a regular facebook user, you know that if you want to know anything about anything these days you put it in the form of a status update, right? Of course you do. Which is exactly what I did when I was looking for restaurant options in Hawaii. I received so many recommendations, and of course there were more recommendations than there were number of days I was going to be there.

Of all the suggestions provided, there were many multiple suggestions, but Mama's fish house in Maui was the ONE option that everyone said was their best meal on the island. One friend of mine told me to ensure that I made a reservation in advance from the website. I am not sure if she thought that five months in advance was a bit crazy, but I knew I wanted it for our last night there, and wanted to go there. On the website it takes to to and you make your reservation. I had never done that before, but registered, and reserved and dinner was organized.

I had decided that I was going to make this trip my Hawaii Seafood Fiesta. I wanted to choose fish as many times as I could. And I did.

Our first full day in Waikiki we were on the beach and walked right past Dukes on the beach. That was on the list of recommendations, so that is where lunch was.I had already looked at the menu on line and decided since I had never had a fish taco before, that was what I would have.

I am not sure how they are served in the US or other parts, but these was basically like a fish 'fajita', and they were REALLY good!!! What a great start to our week!

After a couple of days in Waikiki we moved to the Big Island of Hawaii. We arrived late at night so we ate our hotel the first night. The second day we went to the volcano, and it wasn't until our last night in Kona that we had an amazing meal in Kailua Kona town at a great restaurant called Fish Hoppers.

Another great idea when travelling other than speaking to your friends is to speak to the conceirge desk at the hotel, or locals that you strike up a conversation with. You will be told about local places to go where the tourists may not always know about , but the locals will tell you about. Think about your 'local' place where you live. If you love it, you would recommend it to someone. It is the same thing while you are travelling.

She recommended two places in Kailua town, Fish Hoppers and Ruggos on the beach. The first place we saw was Fish Hoppers and that was where we decided to go.

Macadamia nut crusted Mahi Mahi, Molokini sweet potato with mango papaya salsa. WOW!!!! As you can see from the pictures on the right, the potato was PURPLE! It was really good. I would say sweeter than
an orange sweet potato that we are used to eating. It was a great meal, followed up by a great dessert.

And then we arrived in Maui. What can I say about Maui. It is really a "foodie haven". There are a lot of different areas in Maui, and two of the main ones are Lahaina and Wailea. At the Westin Maui, they have two brochures available at the concerige, aptly titled - Lahaina dining and Wailea dining. When I say brochures - I do mean like a travel book. Outlining resturants, menus, etc.

I had many recommendations for Maui, but it is always nice to try your own as well. We did that when we went to Leilanis in Whalers Village beside our hotel. The Hula Grill was right beside (on my list) but we decided on Leilanis, and of course I ordered a fish sandwich was made with a local fish called Ono. Sweet potato fries (not purple) were also on my plate.

I think you get the idea that I really enjoyed the food in Hawaii. Because we ate a really great breakfast at the hotel, we didn't always eat lunch, which was a bit disappointed - only because that meant we couldn't experience MORE amazing restaurants!

Mahalo and stay tuned for more!!!

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