Monday, November 5, 2012

Dining with Character

Our first day in Orlando was our "Disney day". There would be lots of time for theme parks, but the first stop of the day was a Cape May Cafe - for a character breakfast! I don't know who was more excited - me or the kids at the table next to our group. We would be meeting Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck at our breakfast. 
We were greeted and shown to our tables. The staff made sure to let us know about the Mickey waffles and all the yummy fixings to put on top of the waffles. We got our food, but to be honest with you, I was more excited to have the characters around than the breakfast. The breakfast was your typical breakfast buffet - but not!
Around the corner came Minnie Mouse. It was awesome! The kids near us all had autograph books (which all the children seem to have when they meet their favourite characters). After Minnie left, Goofy came and then we were almost done, but we hadn't seen Donald yet. I wasn't leaving until I saw Donald.

It was a great experience and there are many different dining options where you can meet, greet and dine with the characters - Chef Mickey's Buffet and of course dining with the Princesses at Cinderella's Royal Table - just to name a few.

The following day we were treated to another character experience - this time at the Nickelodeon hotel and suites. This experience was also fun, because we would be meeting Dora, Boots,  Spongebob Square pants and few more of the Nick characters. The breakfast again was buffet style and your typical breakfast, but they did a show while you were eating and stopped for photo ops for the kids (and the adults). 

 At Sea world because of the focus of the theme park, the dining attractions surround you with the love of the animals. There is dining with Shamu and dining at the Shark encounter, which we had the chance to do as well.

Imagine yourself sitting at a table with sharks swimming back and forth past your table. I did find it interesting that there was a steak entree and a salmon entree. I felt strange ordering a fish dish while the sharks were staring at us from the tank.

With over 5000 places to dine in the area, you can dine with a charcactor or dine "with" character, you will enjoy all your meals in the area.

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